Submitting articles for wordforwordonline, the NZSTI blog

Who can submit articles?

NZSTI members, affiliates or observers. Articles may be accepted from other reputable authors at the discretion of the editorial committee.

What can I write about?

Articles can be about any topic that is of interest to translators and/or interpreters. Have you attended any professional development events lately? Is there anything going on in your language community that would be of interest? Have you come across a particular issue in your work that you would like to share with colleagues? These are a few ideas to get you started.


Submissions should be approx. 800 words in length, and should ideally include an image to go with the text. Images should be supplied as separate jpeg files, not embedded in the Word doc. All images should be referenced.

How do I submit an article?

Email your submission to
All submissions are subject to acceptance by the editorial committee.

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